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Pad coffee maker “Café Fino” KA 5155 by Severin is test winner!

Among 11 coffee makers of well-known manufacturers, the KA 5155 by Severin was rated test winner by “Stiftung Warentest” with a grade of 2.2 (Good). All coffee makers were rated in terms of coffee taste (sensory evaluation), function, handling, environmental criteria, pollutants and safety. Overall, the “Café Fino” placed first. The testers recommend Severin´s coffee maker in the December issue of the magazine “test”: Great taste, easy handling, and state-of-the-art environmental features. The pad coffee maker received best ratings in deciding factors: Taste “good” (2.0), handling “good” (2.2.), environmental criteria “good” (1.9). Last but not least, the “Café Fino” helps to save time and nerves, as it is “easy to operate and clean”, according to the test result. 

•  Application for brewing 1 cup of coffee with all commercially available coffee pads
•  Heating approx. 1400 W
•  Quickly ready for operation
•  Special 2 bar brewing system
•  Removable water tank (approx. 0.75 Liter)
•  Removable drip tray and grid, dishwasher-proof

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